For instructors interested in participating in active dialog about experiences, designs and best practices around using Doceri for teaching and learning, we have created a new group in Penn State’s Yammer network called “Doceri at Penn State”. Our goal is to make this Yammer group an  active space for sharing, discussing and exploring opportunities around Doceri at Penn State.

Quick Background about Yammer at Penn State
We are employing the exciting new tool at Penn State, Yammer, as the platform for this community of practice. For those not yet familiar, Yammer is Penn State’s official social networking platform.  To learn more about it, go to the Yammer at Penn State service website at
How To Get to the Yammer Group
To get to the Yammer “Doceri at Penn State” group:
  1. Go to and select the Go to Yammer link.
  2. If you have not yet created your Yammer account, follow the steps to do so, being sure to use your Penn State ( email address as your login.
  3. Once in Yammer, use the search box in the top of the interface and type in “Doceri at Penn State”.
  4. Upon seeing the group listing, select it to go to the group.
  5. On the group page, click the + Join button

Yammer provides a fantastic platform for all kinds of users to discuss, share and collaborate around the use of Doceri. Please feel free to recommend this group to any and all you feel would benefit from joining the group. We hope to see you there!

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